Types of Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a form of traditional insurance designed to protect you and your loved ones from sudden disasters or disasters. It was originally designed to protect the income of families. But since then, tax planning has evolved into a mere protection measure and an option for property protection. The need for life cover is calculated based on various factors such as the number of people who depend on an individual, current savings, financial goals, etc.

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General Insurance

This category includes any type of coverage other than life. There are several types of insurance covering all areas of your life depending on your needs:

Health insurance

This includes your medical and surgical expenses that may occur during your lifetime. Generally, health insurance provides cashless facilities at listed hospitals.

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Motor insurance

This includes damages and liabilities associated with a vehicle (two-wheeler or four-wheeler) in a variety of situations. It also protects the vehicle from damage and covers any third party liability that may be required by law against the owner of the vehicle.

Car insurance

Car insurance will cover you for any financial loss caused by an accident, theft or natural disaster. Depending on the insurance you choose, you may be covered by third-party property damage, personal accidents, and death.

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Travel insurance

This includes you from emergencies or losses that may occur during your journey. It covers you from invisible medical emergencies, theft or baggage loss.

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Home insurance

This includes the home and/or the contents of the policy, depending on the scope of the policy. This protects the home from both natural and man-made disasters.

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Marine Insurance

This includes loss or damage to the goods, cargo, etc. during transit.

Commercial insurance

It offers solutions to all sectors of the industry such as manufacturing, automotive, food, electricity and technology. Risk protection requirements vary from person to person, but the basic functionality of an insurance policy is much the same.

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